World Of Warfare is a free to play browser-based nation simulation game. Create a nation today and decide how to govern your population. Grow the size of your nation by purchasing: buildings and managing your citizens. Expand your boarders by purchasing: land. Increase the wealth of your nation by acquiring: economic, infrastructure and technology improvements. Manage the distribution of your nations resources and trade your resources with fellow players. Defend your nations interests by developing your nations military capability. Purchasing items from a list of: soldiers, tanks, vehicles, aircraft carriers, battle ships, destroyers, frigates, submarines, fighter aircraft, bombers and helicopters. Battle with fellow players in three combat modes: campaign, attack deployment and command & conquer.

Complete a range of interesting missions in the campaign mode. Decide which units to deploy to combat incoming enemy units or target and defeat enemy units. Watch as your progress & influence increases and you are rewarded with in game bonuses.

Declare war on other nations by deploying an attack. But remember to be careful as your population will not respond well to extended conflicts.

Project your nations influence and power around the world by deploying attacks and conquering territories in the command & conquer mode. Battle over territories around the world with other players, capture and hold territories for command points. Manage your military deployments across your nations occupied territories. Convert your command points to in game credits.

Communicate with other nations & players through our internal messaging system or discuss topics on the World Of Warfare Forum.

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