1. World Of Warfare is not responsible for any illegal, offending, or inappropriate actions made by users inside or outside of the game, including internet and real life actions.
  2. World Of Warfare reserves the right to deny any person access to the game without a valid reason, nor does any reason have to be given to the person.
  3. World Of Warfare has no obligations towards any player.
  4. World Of Warfare can ban or delete an account when the rules are broken.
  5. World Of Warfare has the right to make decisions based on non-written rules or to change the rules in the future without notifying users.
  6. World Of Warfare may not be appropriate for persons under the age of 13, by playing the game, or signing up for an account, you agree that you are over the age of 13 or otherwise have parental consent to play.
  7. By creating an account, or sending in-game messages, you agree to allow World Of Warfare access to your in-game mail, whether they notify you or not.
  8. World Of Warfare does not guarantee that you will be able to login to the game at all times or gain access to all parts of the game. Certain parts of the game may be unavailable due to browser, firewall or security settings, or other problems.
  9. World Of Warfare reserves the right to change or modify the terms of use at any time without warning or notifying users. It is the responsibility of the user to be aware of and in compliance with the Terms of Service at all times.
  1. Under the Intellectual Property Law, World Of Warfare is copyrighted and all rights are reserved.
  2. All rights are privately owned by Fraser Reid, the creator, developer, and administrator of World Warfare.
  3. The copying of any material is strictly prohibited!

  1. Registration
    • You may establish one user account on this game, This account must be the only account you create.
    • During the registration process, you will be required to select a user name and a password that are unique to your account. You may not share this account or the login information with anyone.
    • A valid email address is required to play the game.
  2. Limitations
    • You agree that you will not create or use cheats, exploits, bots, hacks, or any kind of third party software designed to modify or automate the gaming experience!
    • You agree to report any bugs, exploits, hacks, or any kind of flaw you may be aware of in this game to administrators immediately.
    • You agree not to violate any applicable law or regulation in connection with your use of the game.
  3. Beta Testing
    • The game is currently under beta testing conditions. This means that some features in the game may not be complete or some features may be changed over time.
    • You are aware that because the game is currently in beta testing that your data could be corrupted, disregarded or adjusted at any point in time, with or without notice.
    • You agree to report any bugs you find in the system.
  4. Member Conduct
    • You agree not to transmit harmful, threatening, abusive, or unlawful material to other players or World Of Warfare's administrators.
    • Using serious verbal abuse towards other players is strictly forbidden. The definition of "verbal abuse" will be defined by the members of staff not the players.
    • You agree not to upload or transmit harmful or malicious programs, software, viruses, keylogger programs, files or other computer code designed to interfere or collect data from this game or other players!
    • Advertising or posting of goods and services not related to this game is strictly forbidden.
    • You may not impersonate any player/users or World Of Warfare administrators nor may you use any game function to imply or to make others believe you are acting on behalf of World Of Warfare.
    • Using game-enhancing programs such as any form of macro plugins, any form of auto-clicker programs, and any form of reloader plugins sets the abusing players at an unfair advantage over those who are playing manually, and the infraction will not be tolerated. Players caught or suspected of the use of one or more of these banned programs, plugins, or techniques are subject to the immediate freezing of their accounts, banning, or account deletion at the discretion of the game administrators.
    • You will NOT buy, sell, traded or given away accounts for any reason.
    • You will NOT auto click any Google Ad sense advertisements on the World Of Warfare website.
    • By using this service you agree not to access World Of Warfare with any other programs than web browsers
  5. Member Inactivity
    • World Of Warfare may remove your account from the system if it is considered inactive.
    • Your account will be classed as inactivate if you have not logged in after 60 days and your accounts XP is less than 500.
  6. Termination or Suspension of Accounts
    • World Of Warfare administrators may suspend or terminate your account with or without reason and without prior notice.
    • If your account it suspended then any donations/purchases will be considered forfeited and therefore non refundable.
    • If a member unexpectedly and accidently deletes there account from the system, then no restorations are available.
  7. Account Security
    • You are responsible for keeping all account details confidential including login information.
    • Please remember that this is just a game! We strongly recommend not giving out any personal information on the game.
  8. Changes to the Terms of Use
    • World Of Warfare may at any point change, modify, add or delete any of the terms and conditions.
    • World Of Warfare agrees that what it considers a material change to this agreement, will notify you of any such change via email!

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